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Curtains will appear bottomward on the Krithi All-embracing Festival of Books and Authors -2018 on Sunday night at Marine Drive, an area the book fair drew huge crowds, including bags of children, over the accomplished 10 days.

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A LitFest captivated at Bolgatty Palace from March 6 concluded on Saturday. The success of the book fair, which presented the well-subscribed ‘one child, one book’ arrangement with an appearance to authoritative accessible to an anniversary of the visiting schoolchildren books accounts Rs. 250, belied expectations.

The Sahithya Pravarthaka Cooperative Association (SPCS) and the State Cooperative Department, which organized Krithi-2018, had abiding stalls in a behemothic by well-laid out air-conditioned anteroom featuring international, civic and bush publishers with bags of attenuate books. While there was an argument from some abode on the amount of abatement on an action at the stalls, the publishers who put up the stalls backward happy, as books awash like hotcakes. While the fair hour was slated to end anniversary day at 8 p.m., company arrival continued it by an hour daily.

Organised by government agencies, the able conduct of the book fair came in for praise. However, the LitFest area at Bolgatty Palace was less-crowded, acknowledgment to its absorption from the burghal and bare publicity. An organizer The Hindu batten with said the absorbed was not to accomplish the LitFest celebrity-oriented. The action formed in hindsight. While there were several celebs from altered genitalia of the country, the discussions on literature, arts, and livelihood-related issues were in-depth, and a bound admirer was present through the LitFest.

Discussions were captivated on an ambit of capacity accouterment abstract and autograph to a cinema, theatre, music, heritage, society, science, absolute thinking, arising technologies, agriculture, shelter, and health.

Minister for Cooperation Kadakampally Surendran had said that Kochi would be fabricated the abiding area for the fest accountable for accession by the people. The organizers said they were hopeful of repeating the accomplishment abutting year.


The arts fest captivated in the evenings witnessed some animated performances by stalwarts and accessible artists. On Saturday, Agam music bandage performed at Marine Drive.

At an altercation at Bolgatty Palace on abreast abbreviate belief in Malayalam, it was agreed by anybody that the writers of the day could address after proclaiming adherence to any arcane school, abstract dogma, or analytical convention.

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